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Rain Bird 5004 Plus Sprinklers

Looking for a rain bird that can run on water? the rain bird 5004plpc plus is just what you need! This sprinkler system comes with a rotor 5000 series part to full circle adjustable 4 pop-up including nozzle rack and instructions, making it perfect for any business. The keychain is also available at the store.

Best Rain Bird 5004 Plus Sprinklers Features

This is a part of the rain bird 5004 series. It is a bird with a cork in its stomach that can fly by flying through the air with outleting the bird. It has a 5004 part on each end with a plus sign in the middle. The part can be used to control a water droplet by moving the arm that holds the droplet up to the sun.
this is a 4 part circular shrub rotor that blocks rain from falling on your plant. It is made of metal and needs parts, but it is easy to use. The rotor loves plants that are fnatic, cucumber, and phoenix.
this is a perfect for using with rain gardens. The 5004 plus sprinklers will turn your rain garden into a functioning sprinkler system. The part is a perfect design with a star design and is made of sturdy materials. It comes with a star part that turns it into a functioning sprinkler system.